So how important are showreels? The answer of course is, extremely important. How often have you looked at a photo and built up a vision in your head of how somebody is, only to discover when you meet them that they are completely different to the image in your head? So we have to assume that happens to casting directors too. Why leave the responsibility of booking a job to a photo and CV? In an extremely tough industry we need to help ourselves as much as we can and a showreel is a must have for all serious actors. If you've never worked professionally, or don't have any footage then make some. Hire people who can supply you with a good scene that is right for your look and acting type and record footage. If the content is strong, watchable and to the point then you've just enhanced your chances of booking professional work. All casting directors we have spoken to say a showreel for an actor is paramount, so why argue when that's what they want to see?


Student showreel - Example



At London Voice and Motion we work throughout the year to record several scenes so that, by the end of the year they have a strong showreel to get them started which is all included in the fees. Some companies charge from £500 which is a hefty price for one scene on your showreel. To us it's so obvious to teach camera tecnique and film during training, this way when you do book your first movie or TV commercial you wont be worrying about hitting your mark while delivering your lines, you'll be delivering the need of the character.

Dan Hubbard of Hubbard casting - The Bourne Ultimatum, King Kong,

The Bourne Supremacy, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

“If you don’t have a showreel on your spotlight you are not serious about your career”

- Dan Hubbard

U.S Casting Director Scott Wojcik - A Christmas Carol, A Chorus Line, Oklahoma! - Commercials and print - Canon, Bose, HBO. Scott was recently interviewed by Spotlight and asked how important are showreels for actors.

“Amazingly important, more so now than ever”

-Scott Wojcik


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