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These classes are for any actor looking to stay sharp while, gaining a greater understanding of their craft. Weather you're a seasoned professional looking to take a regular class, or somebody looking to expand as an actor. We look at enhancing the individuals instictive talent, meaning, we wont make you fit someone elses mould, rather, idendtify what your strengths are within your personality and help you gain confidence to communicate with your audience.


Study consists of 3, 10 week courses per year and classes commence every Saturday. Session 1 lasts for 3 hrs every Saturday and is an intennsive training course. You will learn Method acting, voice production, camera work to track progress. In addition we also invite West End directors, producers, casting directors, and top london agents to hold guest sessions.

Many of our actors have been signed by top London agencys over the past 2 years through the classes they have attended with us.




We take submissions from anyone 16 years of age and above. All actors wanting to join London Voice and Motion have to take an audition/workshop with us which is free of charge and lasts for 3 hours. This is so we can assure a high standard for all those wanting to surround themselves with a high level of dedication and understanding.

We offer you the chance to come and train with top industry professionals. We will nurture you with the best advice and techniques in a safe environment.



The total fees including deposit for this course is £350.


I had always focused on the performance looking technically right, I now was able to focus more on my character needs

" During my term at London Voice and Motion I learnt the importance of allowing yourself to feel free as not just an Actor also a person. The most important skill I benefited from was relaxation. All of this and more in one term meaning I can take these skills and apply them to any future work that comes my way. Thank you London Voice and Motion."

-Reece, London


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