Quantity over quality?



Of course not, but what about both? Our philosophy is this, the more we do something the more efficient we become at it, history and logic proves this, but what happens when the quality of what we practice again and again is misunderstood, misguided, out of date or substandard? We would suggest you get very good at being misunderstood, misguided, out of date or substandard. Now lets discuss practicing your art again and again while taking risks to discover new possibilities again and again, connecting to real emotions again and again and performing with a complete understanding of your work again and again. Very soon you begin to see positive results.

Looking forward to the year ahead and can't wait to get started!

." London Voice and Motion has taken my performance to the next level. Right from the workshop and audition I realised a great opportunity had come my way. During term time I have worked with some fantastic teachers through dance, acting and singing. I've been privileged to have such a dedicated team of professionals and friends to work with.

I've had the chance to discover what is expected from an actor professionally and the processes behind filming on camera.

All this has helped to develop my personal craft and improve all aspects of my performance.

- Demetri, Birmingham

I feel so privileged to be part of something so exciting and am inspired every week

"Personally, I have learnt to take more risks as a performer and am learning how to generate raw emotions and past experiences to create a more realistic performance. This is something exciting for me, as it is so interesting what a difference it has made."

- Lauren, Kent


This course has helped me to discover and develop new aspects of my inner creativity and also personal self.

"I love that this school not only prepares you to stand in front of a live audience and a casting director- but also the screen, which is great help in times when your show-reel can play a big role in getting you discovered.

The best thing about London Voice and Motion- everyone is friendly, professional and forward thinking."

- Linda, London


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