Ray Callija


"Not only did I gain a good friend and director I can trust, I gained the ability to believe that anything is possible if you work hard at your craft."

"Training with LVM was great. Not only did I learn the crucial information about the industry, I learnt a lot about myself. David's training was none like I had received. He really pushes to get the best out of a person, and has the utmost faith in that person to perform to the best of their abilities. Not only did I gain a good friend and director I can trust, I gained the ability to believe that anything is possible if you work hard at your craft."

Rory Wilson

"Studying at LVM was an amazing opportunity to stay sharp and build upon my existing experience and knowledge of acting."


"In comparison to my previous training at drama school, LVM brought the freshness, excitement and true creativity back, something that can be drummed out of pupils in an institution. Every Saturday David Page brought this gust of energy and drive and infectious ambition to all of us at the studio, and the intimacy of his teaching and story telling from his personal experiences created the most safe and productive environment to work and learn. Our production of 'the Games Afoot' was a challenge David was keen for us to tackle; a very

demanding play with amazing writing and a core ensemble element to it. We pulled it off, under very sharp directing and team spirit, and it was one of the most rewarding experiences for me.''

Leo Sene

"My time at London Voice and Motion has equipped me with the skills and understanding of how to conduct myself in auditions, which have secured me professional work."


Auditioning for London Voice and Motion in October 2013 was one of the best decisions I have ever made. During my time there I have learnt a vast amount which developed my techniques in acting, singing and dancing. I would never have thought that I could have learned so much and it was always a highlight of my week.

David Page supported me and opened my eyes to a whole new way of seeing myself within the performing field enabling me to put all I had learned in class into a performance. I was helped to build my confidence in all the areas that I wished to work on and even in areas that I never thought of trying. Using the technique of Method acting allowed me to delve into myself and to use whatever I found to support me in my craft. I had initially shied away from Method but as soon as I started to discover its benefits and work with it I have come to believe it's the way forward for my acting.

LVM gave me opportunity to perform in productions with the company and was one of the most uplifting and exciting things I have ever done. This wasn't just down to the success of the show or my personal performance, but more a realisation of how much I had learnt and discovered from the rehearsal period and the performance.

It was following one such production that I was fortunate to be signed to a top London agency, which was so thrilling as it was the next major step for me to progress in my career. My time at London Voice and Motion has equipped me with the skills and understanding of how to conduct myself in auditions, which have secured me professional work.

David has been the most influential and helpful teacher I could have hoped for when starting out in this industry, his dynamic and insightful skills brought out the best in me from the first class I had.

Lauren Brindley

"LVM director David Page, is full of so much enthusiasm and passion that you will only want to keep getting better. I feel inspired by David every week and I honestly couldn't think of a more driven person to learn from. "


"I have been training with London Voice and Motion since it came about in 2013, and two years on I am still here. I had no idea what an amazing journey I would have and how much I would learn in such a short pace of time. I have worked with an array of incredible people in the industry and have made some brilliant connections because of this. I never went to drama school, I decided to have a gap

year when I left education at 18 and would then make a decision after this. But after my first term at LVM I can safely say this was the best decision I made. LVM is different to any other training I have had. The theatre company shows are always of such a high standard and professional level. LVM will push you to your limits, but what you will achieve at the end is fantastic.


LVM director David Page, is full of so much enthusiasm and passion that you will only want to keep getting better. I feel inspired by David every week and I honestly couldn't think of a more driven person to learn from. I've had moments of frustration where I've found it hard to reach a certain connection to my character, but David's guidance in Method Acting has helped develop the scene, making it believable to the audience and also, for myself. David's training techniques won't just aid your performance, they will increase your knowledge of acting and take it to a whole new place you never thought you could get to.


I guess what I'm trying to say, if you want to be involved in the industry, you want to learn new skills, meet and work with incredibly inspiring individuals then make the decision to audition for London Voice and Motion. I will tell you now, you will not regret it."

JJ Oburoh

"Joining LVM is one of the best decisions I've ever made."


"The training was nothing short of eye opening, as they ensured we built a house on a foundation of understanding, made of hard work and painted with truth. The experience I've gained through performances is priceless, showing me not only the importance of getting on stage but also an appreciation of the work that goes on behind scenes.


Before LVM I had never met mentors who were so passionate and honest (100% No Sugar

Added) and who will NEVER let you settle. Although I am nowhere near where I need to be, LVM has set me on the right path and let me with one of the greatest gifts, confidence."

Lucy Stepan

"Even over a short time with LVM I feel like I have grown as a performer in confidence and skill."


"The bespoke training and encouragement you receive from the teachers allows you to develop at your own pace whilst still being challenged every week. LVM is a really special place as it provides training in Acting, Dancing and Singing, using industry professionals so you really learn from the best! It's also really exciting being part of their Theatre Company and working towards a show you know you can be proud of."

George Swarbrick

"At the time of this writing I have now been in four professional performances in London in a year and I am overwhelmingly grateful for the opportunity."


"LVM has been and is a fantastic experience. To offer someone like me, with no formal training or professional accolades to my name, they have given me an opportunity to train and hone my skills. At the time of this writing I have now been in four professional performances in London in a year and I am overwhelming grateful for the opportunity that David and Lindsey have given me. I have made friends and connections at LVM that I will cherish and hold dear for the rest of

my life. The teachers that David brings in have been incredible for me to take in new techniques and views about acting. I wish anyone who wants to given acting a chance to contact LVM and hopefully I'll see you in the new term."

Kim Adis

"With the amount of experienced professional teachers in LVM, they have helped me develop my craft as a performer."

"LVM is a great way to train yourself to a professional level and it's a fantastic way to meet new people in the term as you get to see everyone's talents but also feed off each other's energy when we are together, alive on stage, as a company."

Laura Deering

"Certainly, deciding to join was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Saturdays were the highlight of my week and I thoroughly loved every second of being there."


"In terms of my acting, I really feel like I improved. David Page gave me ideas, suggestions and insights that I had never even thought of before and I am so thankful. And thank you for constantly pushing us - it was hard, but worth it."


Reece Skinner

"The most important skill I benefited from was relaxation. it was great to have supervised time to understand how the body works as well as how we can use this in performance."

"I was also learning from current or recently working performers allowing me to

get a feel for the industry at this moment. All of this and more in one term meaning I can take these skills and apply them to any future work that comes my way. Thank you London Voice and Motion."

Kate Mounce

"London Voice and Motion successfully brings together a diverse student body with a range of performing arts experience."

"The staff facilitate the course so that students can develop as individuals and as an ensemble. As a professional actor I have found the opportunity to refresh and learn new skills has been greatly helped by the encouragement and challenge offered by LVM's staff of industry professionals."

Demetri wade

"I have just completed my third term with the London Voice and Motion team, and what a journey it's been so far!"


"I now have two theatre credits to my name; a fantastic new musical, CHAOS and the classic Shakespeare, A Midsummer Nights Dream. I've had top vocal coaching from two leading musical directors, which has allowed me to develop my classic/contemporary repertoire with confidence. Through method acting and character analysis sessions I've gained a greater understanding of how to apply my craft through song, scene work and

performing some challenging and rewarding characters on stage. The future with LVM looks bright, and I feel more ready than ever to take on the next challenge!"

Joanne Maroun

"Having done all 3 terms for the September year I feel

each term; I have grown and developed more and more in developing my craft as an actor."

"I truely feel training at LVM is incredibly unique which nurtures creativity and the ability to become a unique and inspiring, able actor.

I am hugely grateful for the opportunity I was given being part of LVM and am excited to see where the future takes me!"

Olivia Wylie

"London Voice and Montion has increased my confidence in

singing, acting and dancing."

"I've learnt new techniques and had the opportunity to take risks, as well as being able to work towards an off-West End show. It's amazing to work with like-minded individuals and have fun whilst being challenged each week."

Samuel Jimah

"Joining LVM was easily the best thing I did this year!"

"Right from the very first class is was clear that we as the students came first and our growth as actors was of great important to our tutor. I loved the hands on approach as well as the tough love. Since joining LVM I have learnt a lot, not just acting wise but I've also discovered my fears and pushed past them. I am anxiously awaiting the next term."

Megan Palfreyman

'LVM is really one of a kind!"


"It is very rare to find a course where the professionals teaching you have prior experience and are working on recent projects in the industry too. This enables the instructors at LVM to give you the most current and up-to-date advice on how to conduct yourself in a professional manner to help enter the industry. And what other courses allow you the opportunity to be paid for the productions you take part in?"

Joe Gallina

''I felt incredibly fortunate to be given chance to join the opportunity that is LVM. The term has been such a great learning experience thanks to the structure of the course and the quality of the teaching. "


"I had many personal moments of clarity and understanding throughout the course; due to the style of teaching which was dynamic, in depth and honest. The course is both welcoming and challenging, a sure way to bring out the best performer in you. As a beginner actor I cannot think of a better way to start my career, the insights into the industry as well as the necessary skills and mindset to succeed are invaluable.''

Krisztina Losonci

"The classes in LVM are without exception on a high level, they are very intense and vivid, even for a minute you aren't bored."

"David and the other professionals give us a strong inspiration and this evokes the demand in you to become a persistently hard-working person. This leads me to feel after each term that I have worked every day besides the mere attendance of the Saturday classes. By using method acting I find it much easier to work towards my aim to show the realistic picture of people and situations during acting. I believe that this way LVM helps me to gradually develop into a more genuine actress."

Roy Ryan

"I can say without a doubt that in the ten fast weeks I've been working with David and LVM, my skills and confidence have improved remarkably.


"It's an actor's curse to think they've learned all they need. David shows you just how much more there is to explore, especially within one's self. I'd especially recommend this course for any actor struggling with decisions regarding further training."

Alice Beams

"This course has really opened my eyes to different acting techniques and has given me great insight into the business."



"I feel empowered with the knowledge and advice I have received from theatre, film and music professionals. Thank you David Page and LVM for challenging me and broadening my acting horizons!"


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